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Come and enjoy what I do – a picnic at the beach. Nothing stressful, away from your worries, sit back and enjoy!
What’s the motivation behind the things I have painted? It’s because of the atmosphere I experienced at the time from them. That experience was worth repeating.
While painting these, I feel the soft breezes, the balmy waters, I hear the soft lapping of water against the boat, the gentle whoosh! of the sea as it caresses the sand, the birds chirping in their peaceful surrounds.
We have some hanging in our home and they greet me when I wake up. A great way to start my day: with a mood lift as from a good friend.
The thought that others can gain pleasure from these paintings is rewarding. I really hope they will do the same for you.


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Beach Picnic


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I was the first to buy a canvas print of the “Caribbean Island” painting.  I wanted something to go over the bed.  Now, thanks to Adeline’s painting I have a super-calm and serene atmosphere in the bedroom.

I was the first…

I am the proud owner of “Cairns Birdwing Modern” (Giclee Print) and I really love it!   The painting first attracted me because it is so cheerful, and now that it hangs in my lounge room the whole room has taken on that cheerful feeling
L.A. Laidley, QLD

Cairns Birdwing Modern

About Me

Adeline Hunt

Adeline Hunt


As a child I was fascinated by watching people paint. I wanted to try it (I love colour!), but I was always too shy in class situations.
So eight years ago I started experimenting with paint by myself.
The ocean has always held a great attraction for me so it seemed like a good place to start.
The process brings me real pleasure and that is further enhanced when people are delighted by what I show them through my brush.

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mobile: +678 5901 333 (Vanuatu), +61 3040 9977 (International)

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The wet tropics are so beautiful – here the sea is almost always fringed by spectacular greenery.

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